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Meet your Planner


Wedding Bliss n Accessories was launched in April 2009 by Wedding Planner Pamela Ginika  Ebo (co founder of Glitz events and CEO AfrikContinental kitchen)

 Pamela  is the Proprietor and Senior Coordinator of Wedding Bliss n Accessories, she  holds a Bsc in Communication Technology in Lagos State University. Her corporate career blends into several years  of experience of wedding/event planning, which gives her an edge  in the wedding industry .

Her wedding clients range from the highly sophisticated with a strong demand for her "signature style" to the small affairs that need her creative mind to put a spin on traditional/low budget  weddings.

She has a passion for not just planning an event but putting together SMART events that result in something special every time,she did the event styling for the Lagos state Carnival 2011 and is a certified member of Appoemn (Association for party planners and event managers in Nigeria).

The hats I wear...

  • Time Manager
    I keep you on track and on schedule..
  • Advocate for Service
    I match you with the best services, vendors, and quality.
  • Knowledgeable in Wedding Legalities and Contracts
    I am skilled in reviewing typical event contracts.
  • Efficiency Expert
    I save you time while saving you money. I know how to work fast and effectively.
  • Creative Wedding Designer
    I take your ideas, needs and wants, and design.putting your vision first
  • Etiquette Expert
    I advise you on socially correct formats,your solution provider, and family dynamics.
  • Event Advisor
    I guide you through difficult decisions through the process of your event
  • Financial Planner/Budget-er
    I help you create the budget, staying on track, and not overspending.
  • Event Supervisor
    I oversee all of the professional providers and ensure a memorable day.


“To me planning every event is another personal accomplishment”