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Making a low budget wedding a success

Based on data gathered, the average wedding cost can be reduced by nearly omitting several non-essentials, such as wedding day transportation etc. Embrace your inner frugality and make proper use of the resources at your disposal. It's possible to hold the wedding of your dreams without exceeding your budget.



  1. Every lady has a dream wedding , so keeping priorities in check will enable you to plan a perfect wedding on a low budget.
  2. Be frugal and diligent if buying a new dress. Shop sale racks. Look for discontinued dresses at bridal shops; look online for warehouse-priced dresses.
  3. Go against the grain. Hold your wedding on a Friday or Sunday for a discounted rate. Save money by having your wedding  at a time period from  January to July is considered the off-season.
  4. Seek the help of friends and family members. Make the most of the skills and talents at your disposal.. Ask your family members to help send invitations across to guests.
  5. Do as much as possible yourself, contact vendors and negotiate and get a wedding planner to coordinate for the big day, if possible  Make your own favors.
  6. Having an outdoor reception ceremony than an indoor reception ceremony is also another way to save money.
  7. Forgo a limo and drive yourselves between the ceremony and the reception.
  8. Hire a single musician or musical group to accompany both the ceremony and reception. Use the same floral arrangements at the ceremony and reception venues. Hold both functions at the same venue if possible.
  9. Be wise with your menu. Hold a reception with  a main course and finger foods right after the meal as a substitute  for dessert . Talk with a cake vendor and compare prices and make considerable selections; Omit champagne toast and have guests toast with  carbonated drinks  and some low priced wines instead.
  10. Use seasonal flowers for bouquets and ask your decorator on colours and reception ideas that will help beat down prices.

A Church Ceremony versus Registry office

This is usually a major issue between couples, inlaws and families on whether a church ceremony is favorable over  a registry office, in Nigeria for example having a traditional wedding ,whether it’s the native law and customs for the eastern part of the country or engagement ceremony for the west, in addition to it , a church ceremony or a nikkia  is the next line in action for a modern ‘Naija’ babe from which there is a reception to follow afterwards, but however in other parts of Europe the trend has taken a shift and the church ceremony is now regarded as a ‘traditional wedding’ and the registry office ‘modern’.

Many women dream about their wedding day from childhood. Not only is it one of the biggest days of a person's life, it is also likely to be the most romantic. While most people associate a wedding with a church and minister, tying the knot in  a registry offices has  also become increasingly popular over the years especially on a considerably low budget plan. Ultimately, however, the decision between church and registry office depends on the individuals in question.

A church wedding undoubtedly provides men and women - regardless of their religion - with the ultimate fairytale setting that is often considered more romantic and magical. But, on the plus side of the registry office, it can be an awful lot cheaper. There is also less wedding planning and stress involved, meaning that the bride and groom can focus solely on each other and the reasons why they are tying the knot, instead of being distracted by the drama surrounding the spectacle that is their big day.

A bride and groom-to-be could think about whether they want a traditional wedding versus modern. There is nothing more traditional than donning a lavish white wedding dress and walking down a long aisle flanked by scores of family and friends to the tune of Here Comes the Bride.

marriage is a legal contract and what better way to seal that than by having a more official and straightforward ceremony in a registry office?

At the bones of the comparison between church and registry office is just how lavish you want your wedding to be. For example, at a church there will be room for more guests, in which case a big and extravagant ceremony is a possibility, but in an official office, only a handful of people can be present.

Brides feel more comfortable wearing a fabulous traditional wedding gown in a church, but in a registry office, a smart dress and jacket seems more appropriate .

There is a lot to be said for couples who do not need to profess their love to the world by spending millions of naira on an over-the-top wedding ceremony.  Because Clearly all they need and have is each other. good luck in your decision.

Behind every colour scheme comes its fairytale

Having the perfect wedding colours for your big day entails major decision making, choosing the right colour combinations can make your wedding a dream come true, wedding planners ; Pamela (Weddingbliss  n accessories),Tiffany (limelight E) and Nkiru(vows are us)  have selected  six  colours palette giving you representations helping to guide mostly brides to be.


Visualize  pink

15% of brides surveyed chose pink for their colour scheme


Pamela says: Pink is the colour of universal love. It represents caring, tenderness and acceptance. It spans the seasons as it comes in such a variety of shades, from summer-friendly cerise to delicate pinks that complement silver hues and wintery weddings.

Brides who choose pink do so shrewdly; it complements many other colours. Beige, brown, greens, blue and ivory all team perfectly with pink. For winter weddings, a pale bouquet of Femma roses looks stunning – especially with delicate ivory. Eucalyptus foliage works well with pale pink floral too.

For the dress, pink is in keeping with the ballet theme that has influenced bridal trends this year. Delicate pink tutus look gorgeous on young bridesmaids and soft pink hues for ladies are flattering for a spectrum of skin tones. Pink lemonade is a must for the summer bride to refresh her guests!


Perfect purples

13% of brides surveyed chose purple for their colour scheme


Pamela says: Purple is the colour of good judgment. It is used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Whether it’s a gorgeously fragrant lavender bouquet or grapes to decorate the cake, purple encapsulates elegance.

Purple needn’t be presented in a delicate hue. Bridesmaids in deep purple create incredible “colour pop” in photos,Rich plum tones combine beautifully with gold to create a decadent feel to your celebration; Moroccan tents and twinkling tea lights in these colours are a spectacular sight on summer nights.


Blue Emerald

12% of brides surveyed chose blue for their colour scheme

Nkiru says: Blue is calming, the colour of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is perfect for brides who like peace and tranquility and for those who favour a nautical or travel theme.

There are many shades, which makes this colour versatile. Navy can be utilized in winter as it is rich in tone; paler shades are great for year-round glamour; and bright aqua evokes an exotic feel.

You can incorporate blue with peacock feathers in stunning headpieces for bridesmaids, aqua-coloured cocktails, and water features enhanced by blue-filtered lamps.


Classic ivory

11% of brides surveyed chose ivory for their colour scheme

Pamela says: Ivory is for brides seeking purity, minimalism and clean lines - without losing warmth. A bride who chooses ivory has to have the confidence to pull it off; from cakes to chair covers, all must be in perfect keeping with the ivory tones. Ivory-themed nuptials need to be held in a venue impressive enough to create an abundance of grandeur.

Pistachio green wows with ivory, and stone, brick or marble surfaces are effective in providing a stark contrast.

For an ivory wedding, think cream sofas, romantic urns crammed with roses, and a venue with lots of natural light, such as an orangery. Add beautiful marble pillars and flooring, enhanced by a host of candles at sunset and this is a wedding with the wow factor.


Race for red

10% of brides surveyed chose red for their colour scheme

Tiffany says: Red is the warmest of colours and represents passion and lust. It is the colour of extroverts - perfect if you dare to be different.

Red is for the dramatic, artistic and festive-season brides who want to inject warmth and personality into their weddings. It works well in a music hall or a venue with exposed brickwork or stone - perhaps even a castle. Strawberry cheesecake, romantic red roses and mulled wine immediately spring to mind, as do mini pots of strawberry jam with handwritten luggage tags to serve as dual purpose favors/table names. Or you could go really rustic with bunches of red daisies, raspberry cordial, and juicy red apples for munching on between courses.


Bright white

10% of brides surveyed chose white for their colour scheme

Pamela says: White means purity, wholeness and completion. In many cultures it represents kindness, openness and truth - a good choice for celebrating new beginnings. White works perfectly for an indoor wedding reception.

If you and your bridesmaids are wearing white, stand out by wearing a veil. Consider bold jewellery and a coloured sash, and give the bridesmaids bright bouquets to contrast with your own.

Complement the white theme with coloured lighting at your venue, and  silver tone center pieces to create warmth and intimacy. Large white paper lanterns suspended from above look stunning too, especially in stark venues with high ceilings. Having a floral aisle runners with petals for the aisle way and also for the cake table will create the ‘perfect look’.


How to make a proper budget – and stick to it!

Build a budget……………

It is never too early to set a budget

The moment you get engaged things start to escalate, people ask about the day and costs start to add up. So as soon as the ring is on the finger, it is time to sit down and work out a budget.

Dividing up the money is all about your priorities

If yours is having an amazing dress, or a gorgeous venue, set that amount aside, look at what you have left over and divide that up for the other areas. But be prepared to compromise. Our priority was having as many guests there as possible, so we picked a venue that realistically we could afford and all the other decisions followed.

Never get into debt for a wedding

Nothing will cause as much stress. Ask yourselves, how much can we afford to spend without putting us in any financial danger, debt or anxiety? If you cannot afford to have a big wedding, accept that it might not be a fantasy day out of the movies. The reality is that you are doing this because you love this other person, and want to commit yourself to them in front of everyone who you love.

Set aside a contingency

This is about percentages not amounts, and 10% is about right. And have at least £500 cash set aside for the day, just in case the cars don’t arrive and you need to get a taxi, or you need to replace a bridesmaid dress. It will prevent any last minute stresses.

Keep a firm track of your costs

A spreadsheet helps you add up all the different costs and see the overall impact. It is very easy to see one additional invitation, extra guest or bottle of wine as a small cost, but you need to see at a glance how that affects the total spend. Many people are caught out this way, they think in isolation, but easily forget the financial bottom line.

Set up a separate account

This help you avoid the other danger, losing track of what you are actually spending. Use the card from that current account to pay for suppliers. There are some great accounts out there, you can get £100 cash-back for opening an account with First Direct, which you can put that towards the wedding.

Use every trick you can to keep spending down

I bought my dress from the high street and got 25% off by using a cashback credit card and finding a voucher. All the way through I was determined to get as many bargains, discount and deals as I could. My wedding cake was three tiers for the price of two. You don’t have to put up and shut up with the prices.

Be united as a couple

If you do all the organising and spending that is absolutely fine, as long as your fiancé is 100% happy, and as informed as he wants to be. If you can do that then there shouldn’t be arguments. If you do argue take a step back and remember why you are getting married.

Think hard before paying a deposit

Before you pay a penny towards a venue, make 100% sure that it is the right place, you can afford it and your guests can make it. Never get swept up and pay deposits there and then, go away and think, use your spreadsheet and talk to your partner. Never be pressured into any financial decision on the spot.

Get every quote in writing

Then if a supplier tries to change the price you have it there on email or paper. If they start to change prices or conditions don’t be afraid to tell them you are disappointed to be treated that way and don’t put up with it. Be prepared to walk away.

Use credit wisely

If you are paying for a deposit always use a credit card, it gives you protection for anything if the company goes bust. You can use a 0% credit card to spend but only if you can pay it off in full at the end of the 0% period. Make sure it never turns into debt.

Creating your first impressions with your wedding invitation

The first impressions guests have of a wedding comes before the event itself through the wedding invitations. So it should come as no surprise to most brides and grooms-to-be currently in throes of wedding planning just how important the invites are.

As such, getting them 100 per cent right is something that requires a lot of time, thoughts, attention and sometimes money. But where to begin?

When it comes to wedding invitations, having a clear idea of what direction to take is important. For example, do you want to send save the date cards with RSVP attachments or just the bog standard invites? It is after making that decision that the fun really begins as there is so much that can be done to invites to make them interesting.

Choosing the type of paper or card you want to use will be one of the first priorities, followed by whether you want to include embellishments and the kind of ink you would prefer.

Importantly, such details should be tailored to reflect the type of wedding you are planning to have or the theme. For example, if you are inviting guests to a Christmas wedding, why not make the cards festive?

If money is an issue, one fad that has become very popular over recent years is making your own. Not only is it cheaper to do so, but it also gives a more personal touch to the wedding and the guests.

Many brides and grooms-to-be have been known to purchase handcrafting or invitation kits and throw invitation making parties for their friends. Not only is this a good cost-cutting method, it also gives others the chance to join in with the excitement of wedding planning. 

When it comes to deciding on the style of wedding invitations, having photographs of the couple transformed into cards is a popular option. While some consider this to be cheesy, it can be a great way to save money in the long run. 

Finally, the most important thing about wedding invites is what is written inside, so deciding on the text is always worth taking time over. Couples should establish whether they want to include a short romantic verse or a poem to highlight the theme, or if they wish to print simply a straightforward invite along the lines of "You are honorably invited to …"

At the end of the day, the text should fall in line with the type of wedding the couple is planning, for example formal or informal, traditional or unconventional